The Fluxcase Micro Museum is a project of the Ontological Museum ( The micro museum is composed of a number of very small, highly mobile plastic cases that each contain 50 very small boxes or galleries the smallest of which are only one inch square.

Hope Kroll, an extraordinary collage artist living in California, has graced the museum with the contribution of an entire body of works made specifically to fill all of the boxes in one of the cases. This blog is for documenting this wonderful collection of works.

Thinking of each of the tiny boxes as individual galleries Kroll has created something of a retrospective of her oeuvre covering many of the techniques, materials, trends and imagery  in her collage art production over the last several years.

The Museum will be arranging an exhibition of these works and producing a color catalog documenting Kroll's contribution. The museum also contains in its collection a number of other works including eight boxes in another Fluxcase Micro Museum case, a collage from the Fluxface in Space exhibition and another larger scale collage work typical of her standard way of working.

Among the works in the case are three dimensional collages, collections of intricately cut-out illustrations from vintage books, grade school yearbook photos and even a box entitled "Box of Hope" full of alphabet pasta that only have the letters: H, O, P, E in it. This suggests a lot of labor around the kitchen table separating out only those letters that spell out Krull's first name.